Strider Terminology



The Strider 14x Sport is our transformation bike. It starts off as a balance bike and, with the addition of the Easy-Ride Pedal Conversion Kit morphs into the best first pedal bike on the market. Learn more about the 14x here.


Strider Adventure Zones are safe and friendly environments that encourage kids of all abilities to test ride a Strider Bike and play with other kids, all while improving and developing fundamental bike handling skills. Watch as your child weaves around tires and over rumble strips, up and down ramps, through tunnels, and much more! Strider Adventure Zones are a wonderful introduction for your child to Strider Bikes, or a perfect venue to perfect more advanced riding skills. Regardless of their skill level, your child will have a blast as they make new friends and create life-long memories.


The term "Balance Bike" started becoming commonly known in 2009 according to Google Trends. The fact that this term is now common knowledge world-wide among doting parents and grandparents is in large part due to the efforts of Strider Sports International, Inc. The mission of Strider Sports to inspire every child to ride and enjoy two-wheeled adventures has caused the balance bike market to see explosive growth. So, for those who haven't yet discovered them, just what is a balance bike? Balance bikes are a very simple bike designed to teach young children how to steer and balance on two wheels. Balance bikes are designed with only foot propulsion to teach the fundamentals of riding. Because they have no pedals or other complicated forms of propulsion, most children find riding a balance bike as easy as walking. When the fundamentals of balance and steering are mastered, transitioning to a bicycle with pedals or motorcycle is straightforward.


Strider Discovery Rides are unique, non-competitive, and exclusive events that take place in some of the most unconventional places across the globe. Strider Discovery Rides aren’t open to the general public and can be limited in how many riders may participate depending on the venue. These aren’t competitive races, but unforgettable experiences where parents and their children can explore unique and inspiring venues like San Diego Zoo, Washington DC, Smithsonian, Cape Kennedy, Mount Rushmore. Strider Discovery Rides are high profile rides that offer parents and children an opportunity to come together and share their passion with new friends in a one-of-a-kind venue that families otherwise wouldn’t be able to access!


Perfectly engineered by Strider scientists in a secret underground lab, the Strider Easy-Ride Pedal Conversion Kit is the ultimate upgrade for the Strider 14x Sport. The Easy-Ride Pedal Conversion Kit attaches to the 14x Sport in a matter of minutes and turns the bike into the best first pedal bike for your little burrito.


Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (what a fun word), better known as “EVA,” is the material used to create the foam rubber tires found on all Strider 12 Balance Bikes. This versatile material is also used for many different types of padding and equipment for various different sports such as ski boots, bicycle saddles, hockey pads and is typically used as a shock absorber in sports shoes. Why do we use EVA foam rubber and not the more typical pneumatic heavy-duty rubber tires on our bikes? In short, EVA is lightweight and requires no maintenance. There are plenty of other reasons for using EVA tires as well, they are puncture proof, durable, and provide the best ride on all your toddlers’ different terrains. Just like our balance bikes at Strider we want to keep it simple and fun.


The seam in a pair of pants from the crotch to the bottom of the leg, or the length of this seam. Why is it important? Because kids grow like weeds! The key to riding success is having a bike that fits. It’s the same as an adult. You don’t go into a bike shop and buy a bike based on your age, do you? Nope! You buy a bike based on what your inseam is. Same logic applies to your kiddo.


Training and certification for our specialized curriculum that meets SHAPE America National Physical Education Standards so it can seamlessly be integrated to the educator’s year-long physical education programming. Training includes an overview, through lesson plans, videos and quizzes so educators are well-prepared and fully-equipped to teach the program successfully.


These guides are included with every Strider Bike you purchase. They provide a proven way to teach your child how to ride. Our Learn To Ride – Stride Guide and Learn To Ride – Pedal Guide offer an inclusive and fun way to teach striding and pedaling that’s easy for both instructors and children.


The term "Push Bike" has been popular expression typically used to mean a regular, ordinary bicycle. Since the early 2000's, Strider® Bikes have completely changed the way kids learn to ride. As Strider's became better known the push bike term was re-purposed by many to describe the bikes behind this phenomenon. After all, children make them go by pushing with their feet!


Strider® Balance Bikes are a relatively new concept in the world of two wheeled transportation devices. When you see a toddler striding and gliding along, with their parents running along behind, your mind quickly tries to associate a name with this phenomenal little device. It must be a... running bike! Since the early 2000's, Strider® Bikes have completely changed the way kids learn to ride. Strider® Bikes are sized for beginning riders, as young as 18 months, and adjust as children grow, offering up to 4 years of use from one bike. They are lightweight and simple, focusing on the fundamental skill development of balancing on two wheels. If your child can run, they can ride.


Special needs bikes are specifically designed to help those with physical or developmental disabilities learn to ride on two wheels. We believe that everyone, regardless of their ability, should be able to experience the fun and freedom of a life on two wheels.


Stand-over height is the distance from the ground to the top of the top tube. Strider Bikes have the lowest stand-over height of any child’s balance bike on the market. This makes learning to ride easy and helps your child’s confidence grow.


This is the bike that introduces kids to the freedom, power, and responsibility of riding. Strider Balance Bikes are the best way to teach children how to ride. Now they have the power to keep up with you when you’re out and about. No more strollers. No more of those ridiculous kid leashes. Your child can experience the truly amazing freedom that comes with being a part of the Strider family.


The Strider Cup® race series gives young children a chance to put their Strider Balance Bike skills to the test at several stops across the US and worldwide. This unique race series caters directly to children 2-6 years old who want to experience the thrill of racing. Children of all sizes and riding abilities are encouraged to participate. In addition to the toddler classes, many Strider Cup races also offer race classes for riders with special needs. Admission is free for families and spectators; however, a race entry fee may apply.


The Strider Cup World Championship brings together Strider riders and their families from all over the globe for the pinnacle Strider racing event. Whether your toddler is an experienced Strider Cup racer or just starting out, the Strider Cup World Championship weekend is an international celebration that includes racing and a variety of activities, games, and music, all at a beautiful vacation-friendly locale the entire family will enjoy.


Strider Explore rides are noncompetitive riding events exclusive to Strider Bike owners. These events give riders and families the ability to explore local areas in a fun, casual, and exciting way. Strider Explore rides can happen anywhere from a neighborhood park to a nearby riding trail to a venue relevant to local culture and history.


Strider Races are local race and play experiences created by Strider enthusiasts at the grassroots level. These exciting races are designed to let toddlers and young kids ages 18 months to 6 years old explore the world on two wheels and participate in friendly, competitive riding. These events allow Strider Family members in the local community to connect with each other and share their passion for riding with the rest of the community.


These little buggers strap right onto the wheels of any Strider 12 Balance Bike (that’s right…Classic, Sport, and Pro) and make it an official powder pony ready to shred some serious gnar gnar at the local sledding hill. After all, those snow boots were made for walking, and there’s no reason not to put them to good use. Even with the Strider Snow Skis, children still learn the essentials of riding like balance and leaning into turns (added bonus, if they fall, they just land in a pile of snow and laugh).


The concept of a "Toddler Bike" didn't mean much before the Strider®. Prior to the introduction of the Strider® Balance Bike the term would likely conjure images of tricycles, training wheels, and plastic ride-on toys. Kids love to play, explore, and expand their mobility. It is a natural drive that takes them from sitting, to crawling, to walking, and to running. Riding a bike represents the next natural step in the pursuit of these experiences. It's why "riding a bike" represents such a monumental childhood milestone. With the development of Strider® Balance Bike children are reaching this milestone earlier than ever toddlers!